2018, March 8th


23 Tools to Transform Your Business Blog Posts Into a Destination for Customers

by Emily Kate Pope

So you have a website for your small business—and you’ve even set up a blog! That’s great. Now what?

If you’re regularly posting on your small business’s website, you want to make sure that your blog posts are reaching people—your target audience specifically—and not just languishing in cyberspace, unread. You want your business’s blog to look professional, feel authoritative, but be interesting to read, too.

That’s quite a balance, and if you’re new to blogging for business—or blogging at all—you’re absolutely not alone if you feel intimidated at the prospect of starting a blog. Every writer, no matter how professional, feels overwhelmed when they open up a new post that’s a big, white blank canvas.

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How Social Listening Can Help You Create Customer-Centric Content

by Shivam Joshi

A recent study showed that 95% of adults between 18-34 years old follow a brand on social media. That’s a huge pool of potential customers, but in a busy online space capturing their attention is no easy feat.

That’s why a customer-centric content strategy, that focuses on their needs and interests, is vital for attracting those elusive eyeballs.

There are three key steps to implementing such a strategy, and in this post we’ll go through the basics.

Understanding the pain points and most common queries customers have
Creating content that provides a solution to these issues
Distributing that content through right channels.

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Step By Step Guide: How to Make an Animated Marketing Video that Your Audience will Love

by Victor Blasco

When making your first animated marketing video, the big question arises: what should I focus on? Actually, the answer is “not yourself”! Your target audience is the key to the success of your video.

Think about it this way: if you make an animated video with your audience in mind, they will feel involved and engage with it, which in turn implies more conversions: the ultimate objective of online videos.

First things first: know your target audience!
If you have already studied your audience, please skip this step. But for lots of businesses, the details on who their product is addressed to are actually a mystery.

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10 Investor Approaches To Avoid When You Need Funding

by Martin Zwilling

Many new entrepreneurs are so excited by their latest idea that they can’t resist contacting every investor they know, assuming the investor will be equally excited and want to contribute immediately. Others will work hard on a business plan, and then mail it indiscriminately to every potential investor they can find on the Internet. Both of these approaches are a waste of your time and theirs.

The best professional investors receive dozens of proposals a day, so they are conditioned to look for quantitative data, rather than passion, for credibility and potential. They also look for entrepreneurs they know from past experience and warm introductions, or for evidence that you have previously built a successful startup, and sold your last one for maybe $800 million.


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The Secret to Making More Time

by Suzanne Paulinski

“If there were only more hours in the day…” “I have too much I want to do, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

These statements are as common in the music industry as open mic nights and 360 deals. They are usually said either at times of pure exhaustion or pure mania, with no sense of focus or strategic thinking.

The truth is, there are more hours in the day than we think and we don’t need to sacrifice sleep to find them. However, there’s no magic bullet, either. We can’t rewind the clock or slow down the Earth’s rotation. The secret to making more time for things that matter requires three things.

Clarity on our priorities
Organized structure
With these three tools we can we can finish what we have set out to do and we don’t have to burn out in the process. Let’s take a closer look at how to use each of these tools effectively.

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2018, March 7th


Content Marketing Essentials for 2018 (The Keys to Success)

by Maddy Osman

Content marketing is a hot buzzword in digital marketing, and for good reason.

A big reason for its popularity has to do with its effectiveness in driving traffic and its ability to establish a person or company’s industry expertise through education. It allows publishers to establish trust through the act of giving information away for free, which can lead them down a sales funnel to a purchase even if your content doesn’t explicitly promote anything.

This kind of implicit marketing is important because millennials (and Gen Z-ers), which make up a majority of today’s purchasers, have shown that they’re averse to ads.

If you want to dive into content marketing and your site’s potential, this guide is all you need. Let’s get started!

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4 Ways To Avoid Social Media Overload (Without Quitting Completely)

by Ash Rao

Agonizing over your number of likes on Facebook and Instagram, or itching to get more followers on Twitter and LinkedIn? Don’t blame yourself. Tech leaders have finally begun to admit lately what the rest of us already know: Social platforms are built to be addictive.

Of course, that doesn’t make social media an unalloyed evil. Many of us depend on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn not just to stay in touch with our friends, but in order to do our jobs and advance our careers. So even though social media may be affecting you negatively–whether through a barrage of distractions or social comparisons that can dent your own self-esteem–quitting cold turkey still might not be the best option. Try setting a few boundaries like these instead.

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6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Explode Your Brand Awareness in 2018

by Scott Oldford

Online marketing has changed a lot over the last few years. The paradigm has shifted, and what worked for you last year won’t work for you this year. What got you to this point won’t get you to where you want to be, and your job as an entrepreneur is to keep up with this change.

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The leads you bring in and the customers you attract are the lifeblood of your business, and it’s no longer enough to create a single marketing funnel and expect a return on your investment.

Today, your ability to create leads comes down to building trust and intimacy with those who need you the most, and to then convince them you’re the most relevant choice. You need to become omnipresent and top of mind, and you can do this by paying close attention to these six digital marketing trends.

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The Ultimate Guide for Reinventing Yourself

by Marla Tabaka

There comes a point in nearly everyone’s life when it’s time to hit the reset button. There are those events that call for a total transformation, involving a big mindset shift and a change in health, career, spirituality, relationships, and/or lifestyle. Or, sometimes a partial reset or reinvention is in order, which may be one, or a combination of any of the above.

The wonderful thing about proactively reinventing yourself is that it could serve to prevent the unnecessary and very uncomfortable need for reactive measures. Now is a good time to consider whether or not there are things going on that call for a big change in your life or business.

I have four examples of reinvention, what led to it, and how it was executed in the life of these business coaching clients, as well as my own. These may serve to broaden your thought process. See if any of them hit close to home.


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4 Essentials for Succeeding When You Make the Switch to Working From Home

by Kimanzi Constable

You’ve seen the ads on social media. The photos and videos of the “laptop lifestyle.” You’ve seen posts from fellow entrepreneurs showing their cars, houses and fancy offices. You’re excited to finally quit your day job and work from the comfort of your home. The thought of taking control of your time, and how you spend your days, is a dream come true. You say goodbye to your coworkers on your last day of “work” and wake up the next day free. You start fresh knowing that your office is 10 feet from your bed.

While it may feel like you’re about to enter the most productive period in your life, there’s something you need to consider. Working from home allows you control, but with that control means your results are tied to your work ethic. You have been used to having someone tell you how to spend your “working” hours. When you punched the clock, you had clear expectations for what you would accomplish during that day. When you work from home, no one is telling you what to do. That means you are responsible for your time — for maybe the first time in your life.

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2018, March 3rd


Content Marketing: What’s In And What Is Definitely Out (According To The Experts)

by Tricia Goss

Content marketing is the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Consistently delivering relevant, valuable content can garner new leads and keep your existing audience engaged. In fact, Content Marketing Institute reports that content marketing generates more than three times as many leads as outbound marketing while costing 62% less.
But as with all aspects of digital marketing, content marketing is always evolving. To get a handle on what’s hot and what’s not while the year is still young, we asked some of our favorite marketing experts for their opinions on content marketing trends for 2018.

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Simple and Cost-Effective Ideas for Small Business Marketing

by Derek Cromwell

Don’t have a huge budget to spend on small business marketing, but feel like you’re losing ground because you’re not taking action? You’re not alone.

According to the SBA, 2017 saw nearly half of small businesses invest less than 3% of their budget into marketing activities. More than half of micro businesses (those with fewer than 10 employees) put even less than 3% of revenue toward marketing.

While the SBA recommends small businesses invest upwards of 8% on their marketing, it’s important to note that there are plenty of tactics you can employ as a small business owner that have little to no cost. In fact, a number of small business marketing tactics take little more than time to execute. Here’s a list of simple, effective ideas you can put into practice immediately.

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Marketing Automation: The 4 Secret Don’ts That Nobody Tells You

by Kyle Gray

Marketing automation is one of the best ways for business owners to save money, time and sanity.

Many business owners get derailed by trying to do too much, or by getting too involved with their marketing.

By automating, they can set many of these repetitive tasks on autopilot, so they can put their creative energy toward tasks and projects that actually need it.

Marketing automation is commonly used in tasks such as lead generation, in the sales funnel process and in nurturing customer relationships through email, direct mail, and other media.

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3 Principles of a Successful Freelance Career

by Amanda Layman

When I began working as a freelancer, I wanted to find clients to pay me in the thousands. I sought out how-to books and blogs. I thought, with the right information, I would finally earn what I deserve. These books did help me fill in skill gaps and get better at the technical craft of writing—all the things I should have been doing anyways.

Once I figured out how to get writing jobs, I was working longer hours, seeking more clients, and somehow still getting paid next to nothing. I was missing something on the business side of things. An essential piece of the puzzle.

I figured it out in a coffee shop a couple years later, while I was busy trying to get some work done. I kept overhearing a business owner interviewing a potential employee for his security company.


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Radical Efficiency (The Most Powerful Work Habits That Will Increase Your Effectiveness In Life)

by Thomas Oppong

The most productive people are masters of efficiency — scheduling on purpose, focusing on high-value work, and making the most of every minute.

Efficient work begins with separating your important work from urgent tasks and knowing everything else that’s a distraction.

Resist the tyranny of the urgent. Urgency wrecks productivity. Your ability to distinguish urgent and important tasks has a lot to do with your efficiency.
Urgent tasks are tasks that have to be dealt with immediately. Important tasks are things that contribute to your long-term mission, values, and goals.

Your ability to distinguish urgent and important tasks has a lot to do with your success. Peter Drucker once said, “Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.”

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