2018, February 26th


7 Writing Skills You Need to Know To Attract More Customers

by Jakub Slámka

Read Every Word
To give the best customer experience, you need to make sure that you know exactly what your customer wants. In fact, reading critically is the foundation of good writing skills, and it’s imperative that you read every word.

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of skim reading customer messages, especially when you’re potentially reading dozens a day. Make sure you stay focused and take breaks from your computer screen, so you can read every message fully and understandingly.”

Pulling on your best ‘customer service’ voice won’t quite work here. In this instance, try and match the customer’s tone. You can commiserate with them, and then look into solutions to make things better. This brings you both to the same level, meaning no one feels spoken down to, or ignored.

Live Chat Etiquette
It’s common practice for businesses to state when they are leaving the customer on hold during a live chat communication. This helps the customer to know that they will be waiting for a reply and why they are doing so.

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What Small Businesses Need to Know About the New Facebook Feed

by Erica LaSalle

What makes an online interaction meaningful? According to a public post by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, passively reading articles or watching videos is not as valuable to our well-being as actually engaging with your social network.

In his post, Zuckerberg announced new changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm in an effort to encourage “meaningful interactions” between people. Unfortunately for the business world, posts, pictures and offers from company pages will have less visibility.

“Facebook’s new algorithm prioritizes content from family, friends and groups. That means we will see even less posts from brands in our feeds.” -Manu Muraro (Photo: Manu Muraro)

“Facebook’s new algorithm prioritizes content from family, friends and groups. That means we will see even less posts from brands in our feeds. In our business pages, we will see engagement go down,” explained Manu Muraro, founder of Your Social Team.

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10 Ways To Understand and Shift Your Brand Perception in 2018

by Mark Walker

Think you know what your brand represents? I’ll let you in on a little secret; it’s not what you say in your slogan, brand values or advertisements. It’s whatever consumers say you are.

Regardless of the message you transmit, if it’s not received by the audience, it’s null and void.

brand perception.jpg

Brand perception is how consumers view your brand and, although it can be influenced by you, it’s not always easy to do. Where you see a ‘6’, they may well see a ‘9’.

The first hurdle is to actually understand your current brand perception – know what views and beliefs people hold about your brand so you can identify any that need to be realigned with your own. Then it’s time to create a strategy for communicating what you want to be heard and changing opinions.

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The power of collaboration

by CommBank

In 2012, two exuberant entrepreneurs, Cathie Reid and Dr Catriona Wallace, met at the annual Women in Focus Conference in Port Douglas. Through their shared passion for technology, and a desire to create a business that aligned with their values and purpose, Catriona and Cathie’s serendipitous meeting has evolved into a long-standing friendship and successful collaboration.

“Cathie was an initial Seed investor in my company, Flamingo, at the earliest stage,” Catriona reflects. “I believe that she saw the potential in the business and was also backing me personally to lead and grow a global software company.”


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How to instantly feel better: 27 simple things you can do right now

by Lachlan Brown

Life is not about what happens to us, but how we react to what is happening to us.
Many people get caught in a negative cycle of thinking that stops them from making progress in their lives.
Many more people are focusing on external sources of happiness to improve their lives.
The truth is that change starts from within us.
If we can change our thinking, we can change our lives.

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2018, February 24th


12 things you need to craft a content strategy that really works

by Katy French

How can you create a successful content marketing strategy? Katy French from creative agency @columnfive shares her insights.

A documented content strategy is crucial for successful content marketing. Yet only 37% of marketers have one, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 B2B Benchmarks report.

We know crafting a content strategy can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to include. But doing it is worthwhile, because it makes everything afterwards a whole lot easier: coming up with great ideas, measuring success, planning for your budget and team, and more. It just takes a little bit of elbow grease up front.

So, what should your content strategy look like?

We’ve helped many brands devise their strategy, and while each is unique, brands’ strategies tend to include some common core elements. No matter what your goals are, a comprehensive content strategy should cover every part of the marketing process.

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This 1 Simple Shift in Thinking Can Transform Your Company’s Social Media Marketing

by Marty Weintraub

Brands are scrambling to figure out why Facebook fans have stopped seeing their social media posts. Earlier this year, Facebook made changes that some marketers consider 2018’s Facebook Brand Marketing Apocalypse.

Freebie content and video distribution dried up, but smart social marketers have quickly started to think like classic TV stations — only smarter. Social channels make it possible for brands to broadcast captivating video content to very precise audiences. While no longer free, securing views can still be crazy cheap — costing as little as a penny each. Views can drive website visits, in-store foot traffic and put products in shopping carts.

First, some quick history: In January, Facebook essentially shut off the free publicity spigot for brands and publishers, affecting everyone from news giants like the New York Times to brand publishers like Skittles, the Mall of America, SkiDoo and others. Companies endured an overnight branding nightmare that actually took about seven years to occur (free distribution began declining before Facebook’s 2012 IPO).

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How to Become a True Marketing Master

by Acadia Otlowski

There has been a lot of content written on becoming the best marketer, or a master marketer.

I have an issue with that. What does it really mean to be a marketing master? What does mastery entail?

There’s a popular idea that mastery on any topic can be achieved in 10,000 hours. This idea came from Malcolm Gladwell and his popular book “Outliers.”

According to this theory, if you work deliberately for 40 hours a week at your marketing job, you will obtain mastery in about 4 years and 292 days.

But there are a couple of issues with Gladwell’s theory.

In professions, the amount practiced accounted for just a 1% difference in performance. That’s a minuscule improvement in the overall scheme of things.

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Our 6 Must Reads for Managers to Give Feedback That Helps People Grow

by Pia Silva

Some of the most popular advice we’ve ever given on First Round Review concerns feedback. There’s a reason why Kim Scott’s piece on how to give ‘Radical Candor’ has been shared 150K+ times — and has since been turned into a bestselling business book. It’s because people want to do exactly what its subtite describes: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. For managers both new and experienced, this can feel like threading a needle — giving people the constructive feedback they need to grow in their careers without making them feel badly about where they’ve failed or come up short.

We’ve heard from a number of people — founders, executives, managers, and ICs alike — that giving constructive feedback is painful, uncomfortable, and even frightening. No wonder many go far too long without doing it, or sugar coat their words past the point of clarity. They worry that what they say will cause more damage, or make people disengage. They worry that what they need to communicate won’t come out quite right or be well received. So they sit in silence — which ends up feeling far worse when people around them continue to make the same mistakes, underperform, and gradually get managed out. All of which might have been prevented had someone just intervened.


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10 Horrible Habits You’re Doing Right Now That Are Draining Your Energy

by John Rampton

One of the greatest ways that you can improve your daily productivity is to cut out habits that drain your motivation. They give you less energy to tackle the day and decrease happiness levels. The challenge is that life is full of distractions.

That being said, letting the distractions consume you will make going through each day much more difficult. You should, instead, look for places in your life that you can change in order to have more energy and motivation. Doing so will increase your output and your well-being.

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2018, February 23rd


Content Marketing 101: All You Need To Know To Grow Your Business

by Jeff Bullas

It was a paperback book that someone I trusted and respected had recommended.

Its title was good but not great.

The headline wasn’t so compelling that it would stop you in your tracks. But something about it made me want to start reading and open the cover.

Most of it was read in coffee shops near my home. I had plenty of time as I was between jobs.

But it made a big promise.

If you created great engaging content online then you would attract leads and sales.

The term used to describe that was “inbound marketing”.

New Rules of Marketing and PR – Content Marketing 101

The book?

“The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman-Scott.

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7 Steps to a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

by Hannah Sears

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of social media strategy for many brands. The chart below demonstrates just how many brands in different industries are working with influencers on Instagram, according to a recent report from L2 Inc.
Developing a solid influencer marketing strategy involves finding and leveraging the influencers that best fit your brand. Here are seven steps to help you get started.

Determine Your Goals
Brand influencers are an excellent source of social proof for brands, but before selecting top influencers, you should set goals. First, define your target audience – who are you trying to reach with your influencer campaign? Once your target audience is established, set a budget.

With the rise of social media influencer marketing, more and more influencers are being well compensated for brand partnership. After determining your budget, select which KPIs to measure. Some KPIs to consider are: audience reach, views, engagement, and increase in followers.

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Lead Nurturing & Automation

by Ali Hyatt

– Hey everyone, welcome to today’s Master Class presented by HubSpot Academy. I’m Courtney Sumbler. I’m one of our professors on the HubSpot Academy team. And we are HubSpot’s learning resource as well as world wide leader in marketing and sales education. I’m really excited to have everyone here today because we’re gonna be talking about lead nurturing and automation. Two of my favorite subjects and I have a feeling that my coworker here. Those might be some of her favorite subjects too.

– Yeah.

– So we’re gonna be talking a lot today about lead nurturing and automation. I’m really excited to introduce my coworker, Marwa Greeves. She is the team manager for the email messaging team here at HubSpot. And we actually get to work together quite a lot which is exciting.

– It’s awesome.

– We get to sit in the halls of HubSpot and geek out about some of these things. And today we’re gonna join in with all of you to sort of really talk about lead nurturing automation. Maybe a little bit of what 2018 looks like. Reflect on 2017. Really where we’re all going with these things in the next few months. And with that being said we want to make sure that you’re a part of this conversation. So what you’re gonna do is jump into that Facebook live feed. Start commenting, get those fingers warmed up. If you want to use a hashtag for Twitter use the hashtag HubSpot Master Class. Really let us know what’s going on. Ask us some questions. Maybe some struggles you have with lead nurturing. Questions you’ve thought about automation. Maybe how 2017 went for you. But we really want to hear from you. And I’m gonna keep you guys kind of going with that. So that’s not the last time you’re gonna here about commenting. So as we get started here. Marwa, how’s it going? It snowed last night.

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Is Giving Away Your Best Stuff Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

by Pia Silva

I’ve received many emails saying, “Your book was amazing. I changed my whole business because of it! I took your stuff and implemented it and got results, thank you!”

Should I have shared less? Did I lose a potential client? Should I have pushed them to hire me?

There’s a fear that if you give away too much information, people won’t pay you for your services. The fear of giving it all away has too many business owners keeping their ideas to themselves to “play it close to the vest.”

And that fear makes sense…as long as you don’t want anyone to know who you are! I mean, if you keep your best stuff to yourself, you’ll be the best-kept secret around—a secret no one hires.


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How To Be More Productive At Work – Going Big

by Emma Matthews

With so many things to get done, do you ever wish you had more than 24 hours in a day? Just to finish everything on your to do list and have some peace of mind? But you know better. It’s not about how many hours you have in a day. It’s all about how much work you can pack in during those hours.

So how do you make those hours count? Well, look no further for answers. Let me tell you about 14 ways to boost your productivity at work. And it goes something like this (Whadup Madonna reference!)-

1. Wake up Early
The early risers around us seem just a tad more happier, a tad more chirpier and extra productive. How you start your day can set the tone for the rest of the day for you. This is still something where I’m learning to practise what I preach. Trust me, waking up an hour earlier and comfortably powering through your tasks is better than to wake up an hour late and play catch up with time for the rest of the day. Waking up earlier means not having to rush through your morning. You’re in a much better mood this way and it gives you a head start. So when others are rushing through their mornings to get to office, you’re already there, all cool, calm and collected, and ready to conquer the day

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2018, February 22nd


6 Tips for Writing Successful Marketing Content

by Casey Crane

But not all content is the same. As a Copywriter and Content Manager at Bluleadz, my job varies from day to day depending on the needs of each client. Sometimes clients want daily or weekly blog posts; other times, I find myself writing premium content for tip sheets, whitepapers, or even eBooks.

In between projects, I try to stay up to date with recent industry-related news, research short- and long-tail keywords for inclusion in website and blog content, and try to come up with new content ideas or fresh takes on old successful content.

Balancing these tasks, along with trying to learn about clients whose businesses span a range of industries and service types, can be a challenge. This is particularly the case when I’m also trying to get up-to-speed when taking on new clients.

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11 Social Media Ideas from the Fashion Industry Everyone Should Try

by Xenia Volynchuk

Fashion industry is one of most demanding — consumers crave innovation, inspiration, beauty and more. And you have no option, but to deliver on their expectations. Let’s have a look at the social media best practices from high-street to luxury fashion brands, as well as fashion influencers. Given that they deal with an audience that has sophisticated taste and a habit of harsh judging on a daily basis, you definitely would benefit from taking some of their tactics on board, no matter which industry you are in. You’ll learn to find ideas for unique content, produce pieces that result in tons of likes, comments, or retweets, and get tips for growing your audience.

1. From love to hate — evoke the full spectrum of emotions
My first tip would be to create content that evokes the full spectrum of emotions, and may even be meme-worthy. Since Facebook ranks hearts, wows and other emotions higher than default likes, it makes sense to put extra thought into creating somehow controversial content. Here’s an example from Louis Vuitton.

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A Comprehensive Website Planning Guide (Part 1)

by Ali Hyatt

As a veteran designer, developer and project manager on more sites than I can count, I’ve identified a common problem with many web projects: failure to plan. As the same issues come up repeatedly in my work, I’ve written this guide in order to help our clients, other designers, businesses and organizations plan and realize successful websites.

Who This Guide Is For Link
Written in relatively non-technical language, this guide provides a broad overview of the process of developing a website, from the initial needs assessment through site launch, maintenance and follow up. It is appropriate for:

Small and medium-size businesses;
Web designers, developers, and design/development firms.

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How to Improve Your Self-Esteem: 12 Powerful Tips

by Henrik Edberg

Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself.

A high opinion about yourself and who you are and what you do and basically a love for yourself is also one of the things that people often miss or have too little of in today’s society.

I read about it in newspapers every month.

I see it every week based on how many of my readers that join my Self-Esteem Course. It is – close to 2 years after I launched it – still my most popular course.

I see it in my inbox almost every day as people share their challenges with me.


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How To Become A Distraction Free Blogger

by Donna Merrill

If you’ve never thought of how to become a distraction free blogger, then you may wonder how some people seem to get so much done, while others struggle to accomplish very little.

I know I’ve been there.

I’ve worked so hard on something and maybe taken weeks or even months to get it done.

Then I see somebody else do the same thing 5 times in a month!

How does that even happen?

Distraction is the stuff that happens all around you, taking your attention away from your immediate task.

You sit down to write a blog post and hear the phone ring or get an instant notification pop-up on your screen.

Then you think of something you forgot to do last night.

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2018, February 21st


The ‘Ninja Trait’ that Copywriting Clients Are (Desperately) Looking For

by Sonia Simone

Maybe you dreamed for years before becoming a professional writer. Maybe you’re still dreaming, trying to work up the courage to take that mighty leap.

Once you do, you immediately find out that the dream of writing for a living tends to collide with the nightmare of meeting your deadlines.

Not to mention keeping track of multiple projects, leaving enough time to produce quality work, making time to do your own marketing, and remembering to actually invoice your clients.

It’s one thing to write for your own enjoyment, when you feel you have something to say.

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A 10-Step Checklist for Social Media Strategy Success

by Dhariana Lozano

Social media can be a lot to take in all at once, especially when you’re just starting out. To help, here’s a quick compilation of some of my social media tips to set you up for implementing a killer social media strategy.

These are the ten must-haves for a strategy in order to build an authentic, engaged social media community for your brand.

Hopefully they help.

1. Define Clear Goals
This is the foundation of your social media management or campaign strategy. Defining goals (and objectives) gives you direction, purpose, and will help you narrow down the main themes your content will revolve around.

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How to Use Your Email List to Find Your Best Customers

by Ali Hyatt

You might have a few customers who you notice often share your social media updates.

Or you may have some customers who mention they’ve told friends about your business, bringing in new customers for you.

But have you ever thought about how you can use your email list to find your best customers?

Your email subscribers have opted-in to learn more about your business. They’ve expressed interest in the products and services you offer, and many of them are likely opening, reading, and acting on your emails on a consistent basis.

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The Worst Word in an Entrepreneur’s Vocabulary

by Doug and Polly White

We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs through our consulting practice. Without exception, all of these business owners have fallen into two categories — we call them “the desperate” and “the inspired.”

Related: Does Your Assessment of Your Business’s Value Match Up With Reality?

We don’t mean to be pejorative. But it’s a fact that the only owners who feel the need to change up something about their businesses — and thus need our help — fall into one of these two groups.

Desperate entrepreneurs
Desperate business owners call us because something is wrong with their organization. That something might be financial: Revenues and/or profits may be shrinking, or expenses may be out of control. And the owner sees the proverbial writing on the wall. If he or she doesn’t do something, the business might not survive.


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3 Things I Learned About Productivity as an Entrepreneur

by Raya Khashab

Since I left my corporate job, I’ve been reading a lot about how to increase my productivity. For people like me who transition from a structured environment as an employee to a more flexible lifestyle as an entrepreneur, the adjustment can be hard. If you’re wearing many hats – for example, you’re the one creating the product, talking to customers, and doing the marketing – it can be especially overwhelming. I was busy, for sure, but was I being productive?

Tim Farris once said, “Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions”

It felt like I was the only one struggling with time management, and then one day I attended a conference that included a fireside chat with broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien.

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