2017, September 1st


The Self-Publishing Roller Coaster: How To Navigate the Ups and Downs of Writing

by A.J. Cosmo

For the past five years, I have been on a roller coaster ride through the world of self-publishing. In that time period, I have written more than 50 books, had 15 best sellers, broke the top 200 of Amazon’s chart, sold almost a million books, and nearly gone bankrupt.
The journey, which has been one of sublime elation and crushing disappointment, has given me a unique perspective on this industry. In the hopes of sparing you first-hand education in some of the lows along the way, I would like to offer the following words of wisdom for those seeking to make it as a self-published writer.

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5 Social Sharing Tools for Teams

by Cynthia Johnson

#1: Leverage Employee Advocacy With Smarp

If you’re looking for ways to increase social shares of your content, investing in an employee advocacy tool like Smarp may be a good option for you. Smarp makes it easy to encourage employees to share your content, as well as curated third-party content that’s relevant to your niche.

If your employees are already using social media to increase lead capture or boost their personal brands, they’re surely always on the lookout for good on-topic content to share. Smarp can help them share the right content, benefiting your business in turn.

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When should you REALLY start marketing your new Startup?

by Renee Warren

Have a great idea?

Now run with it! Launch that startup now.

But more importantly, begin marketing your idea and product (Or lack their of) as soon as you get the chance. Time is of the essence when first rolling out something new. You need to get into the market before anyone else.

Spark Boutik had the opportunity to chat with some awesome startups to ask them “When should you really start marketing your new startup?”

They discovered a common thread: Startups should begin marketing their product from day one. Yes, from the VERY beginning. Here is why:

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20 Ridiculous Reasons Why People Never Take Action

by Dan Western

Everything I’m going to go through in this post, is something that has stopped a great person from becoming phenomenal. And most of what I’m going to talk about, is something that I too have struggled with myself prior to and during the past two years.

Here are 20 of the most ridiculous reasons why people never take action on their dreams. Don’t let these get in the way of your success.

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6 Most Important Things You Can Do Before Developing An eLearning Course

by Karla Gutierrez

It’s no secret that the best and the most productive artists engage in rituals before they work. It doesn’t matter how simple or strange these rituals are. What matters is that these pre-work rituals are significant part of the process.

The same logic applies when you’re developing an eLearning course. Before you dive into it, there things that needs to be accomplished first. You have to have a clear understanding of the project, for instance. This ritual of building a solid foundation will help you keep organized and on track.

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