2017, June 5th


3 Key Things Bloggers Do to Grow Their Blogs into Businesses

by Darren Rowse

This episode is inspired by a post we had on the ProBlogger blog this week from John Stevens who shared 9 conversion habits of the world’s most successful bloggers.

I want to pick up, highlight and expand upon 3 of the points John mentions but also want to share something I’ve noticed about many of the social media marketing bloggers that I follow that fascinates me.

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How to Transform Your Brand in 30 Days on Social 

by Lucy Hitz

What if you could transform your brand in 30 days, using the resources and skills you have as a social media marketer today?
Thirty-day transformation isn’t just for bikini bods, folks–your brand can have its epiphanic moment sooner than you think. Here’s what to do.

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Don’t Stop After One Email… Follow The Rules Of Engagement

by Nick Loise

In the best interests of your business, your marketing follow-up strategy needs to tick a number of boxes. The real money is in the follow-up. As a business renegade you need to focus on more than just your product and its sales… how you reach out AFTERWARDS is also crucial to success.

Bob Stone once said, “A follow-up to the same list within 30 to 45 days will pull 40% to 50% of the first mailing”. HOWEVER… sometimes, the follow-up can outstrip your initial sales efforts!

Here’s four pointers I think are important to consider when implementing your follow-up process.

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22 Books to Help You Get Ahead in Business and Life

by Christina DesMarais

If you’re the kind of person perpetually on a mission to improve yourself, a good book can provide stellar inspiration and guidance. Here are top picks from nearly two dozen high-achieving executives.

1. Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey Mackay
“Very few business books provide you with tangible advice that can help you immediately. This book did that for me and more. A common-sense guide to outselling your competition, it provides tips on negotiating, handling tough prospects, and even how entrepreneurs should embrace their restlessness and allow others to focus on the details. By far my favorite section in the book focuses on the ‘Mackay 66,’ sixty-six things you should learn about your customers to better engage with them. By understanding what makes them tick, as well as details about their history, education, family, and hometown, you can differentiate yourself from the sea of sameness with all the other salespeople. It’s an awesome quick read I would recommend for anyone wanting to succeed in business.”

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Why Saying No To Opportunities Is Saying Yes To Success

by Jeffrey Feldberg

If you want to be ridiculously successful, you must master the art of saying no to opportunities.

I’ve built an 8 figure company that was profitable and successful.

On the flip side, after I sold the 8 figure company I launched a startup that morphed into 7 figures.

Sounds great, right?

It could have been great if not for the 7 figure loss!

Talk about a miserable and painful experience.

What happened, you ask?

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