2017, December 12th


What Are 2018’s Biggest Content Marketing Trends

by Joe Lazauskas

1. This cartoon is way too real. I own that outfit. I’ve had that exact conversation at six different conferences this year. I don’t want to come off as self-centered, but I’m pretty sure The Marketoonist is using me as a muse.

2. This cartoon illustrates why the content strategy echo chamber is so problematic. As I wrote in August, this silo-ing of “content marketing” as a special, separate activity within organizations has caused massive growing pains for the industry. Preaching to the converted is a waste of our time.

So as we talk about the big trends that’ll transform content marketing in 2018, let’s look outside the echo chamber.

1. The content operations shake-up

The hardest part of content marketing isn’t starting a blog or crafting a clever social media graphic. It’s figuring out how to use content in a way that makes every interaction with your customers more effective—while simultaneously overcoming bureaucratic headaches.

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Five Fundamental Tips for Using Facebook for Your Business

by Bryan Kramer

When it comes to social media usage, Facebook continues to reign supreme. The popular platform boasts over 1.35 billion monthly active users worldwide. The site is currently responsible for driving 23.39% of the internet’s traffic, making it second only to Google as the most influential site with consumers.

With an astounding five new accounts created every second, companies simply cannot afford to ignore Facebook’s power to connect with potential customers. Which is why I believe that every small business should be focusing on Facebook as an essential part of your promotion strategy.

So is your business truly taking advantage of Facebook’s tremendous marketing potential? If not, I have five essential keys to using Facebook to promote your brand.

Make Sure Your Facebook Page is Up-to-Date.

Has your business moved within the past few years? Perhaps you have updated your URL or company logo? If so, it may be time to revamp your company’s Facebook page. Take time to ensure that your business hours and contact information are still correct. It may also be a good idea to update your cover photo with something more timely such as a holiday photo.

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How to nurture new vs. existing leads

by Seth Price

Leads — they drive business forward. We advertise, blog, curate social accounts, use social networks and directly pay for leads because they are a means to profitable ends. Then why does collecting leads often create more questions than it answers?

In my more than 25 years in marketing, I’ve come across countless people who struggle with lead nurturing. In most cases, there isn’t an established process for treating diverse types of leads with different approaches, so a lack of productivity arises. The most basic version of this dilemma comes from deciding how to segment brand-new from already existing leads.

You can’t simply expect that new prospects will understand how your business can help them right away, or that existing contacts will suddenly read your newsletter or blog and identify themselves to you as someone who is ready to buy now. Segmenting leads should begin the second they arrive on your doorstep.

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16 Strategies to Keep Your Small Business Organized in 2018 and Beyond

by Neil Patel

If you’re looking to grow your business in 2018 and beyond, you need to get started in the right way.

To get the massive growth you’re hoping for in the coming years, you should make sure your business is organized.

This is easier for a large business and a huge budget — and hundreds (or thousands) of employees — plus plenty of time to dedicate to staying organized.

But how can you make sure your small business is in order when you’re strapped for cash and you only have a few employees?

Well, I’ve been there before.


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Want to Be More Productive? Have Some Kids

by Jessica Stillman

Kids get a ton of press for stressing out their working parents. Work-life balance is incredibly hard, screams one survey. You need to be a productivity ninja to squeeze it all in, implies another blog post.

And after having a baby last year, I can see why. From broken sleep to incredible amounts of laundry (babies are so small, how do they produce so much?) and a million other responsibilities, kids are a huge if happy time suck. But just because they demand a ton of effort, does that mean children end up being a net drain on your professional productivity?

A recent blog post from site Wise Bread offers a science-backed answer to this question, which is a nice corrective to all the coverage reminding working parents how time crunched and overwhelmed they are. In the course of a post explaining all the ways working parents benefits their kids and vice versa, writer Brittany Lyte points out that research shows parents are actually more productive than their childless peers, not less.

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