2017, September 13th


How to Write a Persuasive Sales Page (Even When You Hate Selling)

by Henneke

Harry scratches his head.

He has to write a sales page for his new course.

But he can’t get started.

So, he brews another cup of Jasmine tea, and browses the web for inspiration.

But Harry feels uninspired. Many sales pages are badly written—they ramble on and are unconvincing. Or they feel too salesy and turn him off.

Can Harry write a high-converting sales page without selling his soul? Can he write a sales page that persuades his favorite readers to join his course?

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Social Media for Authors: The Toughest Topic to Advise On

by Jane Friedman

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of author websites and their role in an author’s online presence. However, I’m asked about social media far more often.

Of all the topics I teach, social media is the most vexed. Even in a small class of writers, I find varying skill levels and experience, and a mix of attitudes—and these two factors play a strong role in what people need to hear or learn. I believe a successful social media strategy is driven by one’s personality and strengths, as well as the qualities of the work produced—leading to a unique approach for each writer. And that approach will likely change over time because as one succeeds, one’s platform grows and the audience changes; and strategies often have to shift when your readership expands. (Not to mention the tools themselves change over time!)

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7 Introductory Tips for Small Business Email Marketing

by BigContacts

The potential power of email marketing if undeniable. If you can master the art of crafting compelling messages to send to a relevant audience, you can leverage the tactic to achieve small business success.

But of course, especially if you’re just getting started, getting to that point is not easy. How to you bridge the gap from opening your CRM for the first time to riding the wave of email marketing success to revenue growth? Here are 7 introductory email marketing tips that can grow your small business.

1) Pick a Relevant Audience
First things first: before you even start to consider, design, or write any marketing emails, pick your audience. Instead of blasting a message to your entire contact database, segment them into relatively homogeneous segments that might be interested in the same type of content. That way, you can create emails that are actually relevant and valuable.

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Need Unprecedented Growth in Your Business? Focus on This Instead of Tools

by Danny Iny

Getting the “right tools” for your business is a LOT less important than you’ve been led to believe.

It’s actually a bit silly.

Most people are very focused on tools, rather than skills. But even if you already have the right tools, and you know how to use them, being able to apply them effectively in a project is a whole different level of expertise.

Knowing how to use a hammer–the handle goes in your hand, and then you hit things with the heavy end–doesn’t make you capable of building a cabinet or a cartwheel.

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Getting ready for the future of work

by McKinsey Quarterly


Work is changing. Digital communications have made remote work commonplace. The gig economy is growing. And advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics could upend the conventional workplace. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, at least 30 percent of the activities associated with the majority of occupations in the United States could be automated—including knowledge tasks previously thought immune.

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