2018, February 20th


7 Simple Ways to Attract a Crowd of Raving Fans for Your Blog

by Frank McKinley

Wouldn’t it be great if your blog had hundreds of visitors — even thousands — waiting to hear what you have to say next?

What if there were so many comments and questions you had to hire help to answer them all?

That’s the dream of every writer who wants to change the world.

And it really can come true!

All you have to do is a few simple things consistently.

But first, let’s look at what may be holding you back. And chances are, you may not even be aware you’re making these mistakes.

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How to Repurpose Your Social Media Content

by Kate Volman

If you aren’t repurposing the content you create for social media, you’re missing opportunities. Creating great content to share with your audience takes time and resources for your small business, so it’s important to make the most out of each piece. One of the best ways to do that is to diversify that content and make it available on multiple platforms at different times.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman shares a few simple ways you can repurpose your content so your content can be found online and you can build your audience.

Click play to learn more.

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3 email marketing strategies to implement right away

by Mckenzie Gregory

Maybe you’re new to email marketing, or maybe you simply haven’t paid much mind to it before.

We get it: Very few people work as solely as an email marketer. Most likely, it’s just a single part of your day-to-day responsibilities, so it’s easy for email to become a box you check off your to-do list. But if you aren’t using email marketing to its full advantage, you could be seriously missing out.

After all…

• 94% of people say they get online to check email – it’s the #1 activity on the internet.

#2? Using a search engine. And if you think about it, that’s not an absurd statistic. We’re all living in our inboxes. In fact, the average office worker receives around 30 emails an hour.

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How to Finance Taking Your Startup to the Big Time

by Jared Hecht

You’ve reached a critical point, and you need financing for your business.

Maybe you’re a seasonal business owner who needs funds on hand to get through the slower months. Maybe your product was featured on a major blog, demand skyrocketed, and you need cash to keep pace with orders. Or maybe the heating system in your brick-and-mortar store is on the fritz and you need it fixed to keep shoppers comfortable while they browse.

Whatever your reason, there are clear actions to take once you realize you need a small-business loan.


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6 Habits High Performers Use to Stay Sharp, Confident, and Productive (According to Neuroscience)

by Julian Hayes

High performers such as Jeff Bezos and Sheryl Sandberg stay mentally sharp by making sleep a non-negotiable activity in their life. Richard Branson has credited his peak performance to working out.

When you’re mentally sharp, you’re not only growing and evolving at a faster pace in life, but you’re also operating with more confidence. With that said, to stay sharp and confident and operate as a high performer, use these six tiny habits.

1. Commit to exercising.
When you get your body moving, you’re creating emotion. Most important, by exercising, you’re creating energy, which is your most valuable currency.

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