2017, October 27th


23 Visual Storytelling Tips from Top Content Creators

by Kristin Twiford

Your audiences are inundated with content. How do you compete for attention when you have so much competition? Without a doubt, visual storytelling is the best way to cut through the noise and engage your audience.

That’s why we asked 23 experts from top brands, including The Coca-Cola Company, Red Bull Media House, Buzzfeed and Entrepreneur Magazine, to share their #1 visual storytelling tip. Now, we’ve put together the ultimate list of tips for content creators, from content creators.

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How Twitter Helped Me Network More Than LinkedIn Ever Did

by Kat Boogaard

When you think about using social media to expand your network and improve your career, one particular platform likely springs to mind: LinkedIn.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and all the great work it does to connect professionals. But, I’ve actually found great success with a completely different social media network. “What one?” you ask. Twitter.

That answer may be surprising to some, but it’s true. Even with those limited characters, I’ve managed to use my account to meet all sorts of new people, score some great new opportunities, and earn over three times more as a freelancer than I ever did when I was employed full-time.

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6 trends that will change your business

by Michael Reynolds

Need further information about how to adapt your business to these trends? Here’s more from the BDC report, Future-proof your business: Adapting to technology and demographic trends.

1. The rise of the millennial generation
As baby boomers retire, millennials will become predominant in the workplace.

What your business can do:

Position your business on social media—Social media is a must for recruiting younger employees and to position your company as a great place to work.
Partner with schools—Collaborating with universities and colleges through such initiatives as internships is a great way to find top young talent.
Invest in training—Training is important for retaining workers and attracting new ones.

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Richard Branson on the Importance of Taking Meaningful Risks

by Jason Feifer


Richard Branson is known as an adventurer, a billionaire and a prolific entrepreneur with an ever-expanding brand, Virgin. But as he explores in his new autobiography, Finding My Virginity, entrepreneurship is about much more than money.

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This issue of Entrepreneur is all about risks, and you’re known for taking many. But I imagine that what seems daring to others is actually, to you, very calculated.

We take a lot of calculated risk, but we make sure that no one risk is going to topple everything. Protecting the downside is critical. One of the first big deals I did was buying a secondhand 747 from Boeing. I was going from a record company to the airline business, so the key thing in that deal was that if it didn’t work out, I could hand the 747 back to Boeing after the first year. It wasn’t going to bankrupt our record company or the other things we’d started. So every decade, I have experience based on things that have gone wrong and gone right, and the little computer in my brain is computerizing everything that’s gone before. But as I get older, I’ve got to be careful not to get more conservative in my decision-making, which some other people do.


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12 Negative Habits You Should Give Up If You Want to Be Successful

by Nicolas Cole

When it comes to “achieving success,” the hardest thing for people to wrap their heads around tends to be the idea that small wins add up to big victories. It’s a whole lot easier to imagine the end goal, the big celebration, than to think about each tiny step along the way it will take to get there.

But once you’ve walked that path, once you’ve seen and experienced first hand how it’s the small things you do, day after day after day, that lead to the end result, your thinking is forever changed. You couldn’t go back if you tried. And your focus suddenly is no longer on the daydream at the end, but the little habits you can set in stone today that will lay the necessary groundwork for that destination to manifest on its own.

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